A division of Betten Integrative Medicine, in Collaboration with Karen L. Betten MD, PLLC.
Staffed by Bonita J. O’Reilly MPA, MSN, FNP-BC.

Meet Bonita J. O’Reilly FNP-BC:

Bonita O’Reilly is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years’ experience in Primary Family Medicine.

Mrs. O’Reilly is a graduate of Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in South Bend, Indiana. She practiced nursing at Borgess, and Bronson Hospitals. Bonita graduated from WMU with a master’s in Public Administration and a Minor in Gerontology. She spent 9 years with Visiting Nurses Association providing case management for elderly and homebound patients. She taught Pediatric Nursing for KVCC for 5 years with completing her Masters in Nursing practitioner at Grand Valley State University.

Mrs. O’Reilly has practiced primary care in multiple settings, treating patients from new born to the elderly. Her experience includes urgent care, acute care, chronic disease management, teaching diabetic classes, woman’s health, and pediatric well child and sick care.

Her expertise is in patient education as well as health and wellness promotion to empower patients to take charge of their health. She is very excited to continue to provide health care to her community and home town with a new direction that provides more time for comprehensive family health care.

Direct Primary Care is a different approach to providing health care. Instead of the pay-per-visit model. You contract directly with your health care provider, paying a flat monthly fee that covers most common health care services. This allows patients to have all their routine health care needs met, no insurance required. Direct Primary care is not health insurance nor does Moorsbridge Family Health participate in health insurance plans. Many people then opt for less expensive high deductible,  health insurance to cover more serious health concerns.