Frequently Asked Questions

What is “direct primary care”?

Direct Primary Care provides you with all the medical attention you need without the hassle, no insurance required. You have a direct relationship with your provider, where you can spend unlimited time discussing your treatment plan. You have direct contact with a provider 24/7 via cell phone or email and you have a direct payment between you and your provider for the care you receive.

What does the membership fee cover?

The fee covers all office visit expenses, including discounted lab draws and in-house office procedures. It provides you with a personal nurse practitioner who is dedicate to your health and is interested in you as a person. It also gives you 24/7 access to your provider, or representative, via multiple avenues.

Will I have to pay a fee for my office visits?

No, your membership covers all of your office visits. There is no copay. The only time you have to pay a fee is if we have to send your lab or blood work to be analyzed, and even then it will be at a discounted price.

What about medications?

You and your provider are a team, especially when it comes to your medication. We will help you get the best medicine for you and your unique situation as affordably as possible, being as resourceful as possible.

Will you do home visits?

Under certain circumstances home visits may be the only way you can be seen. If you are interested in home visits, and wonder if your condition would qualify, you will need to speak to the provider.

How does insurance work in all of this?

Insurance should cover all the outside testing, referrals to specialists and hospitalizations you may require. We are not participating in any insurance billing, Including Medicare and Medicaid. If you have private insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed for your visits.

What makes this better for people?

Your provider is not paid per appointment. This frees them to spend more time with you. When providers are rushed to go from patient to patient, that pressure can prevent good listening, which is required for accurate diagnosing and a treatment plan that is best for you. Ultimately, your provider can give you better care leading to you saving time and money.

Will this mean patients will need to come in more often to “get their money’s worth”?

This programs empowers people to take charge of their own healthcare, with guidance from their provider. We offer 10 of visits  with our memberships to give you more options and the opportunity to see a physician when you need it.  It allows you to have a better overall care because your provider is not rushed to get from patient to patient. This doesn’t mean you won’t get your money’s worth if you do not come in every day. Most people want to spend as little time as possible dealing with doctors and hospitals. Our memberships provide you all the tools necessary to make informed, healthy decisions, without worry of any limitations.