Frequently Asked Questions

What is “direct primary care”? Direct Primary Care provides you with all the medical attention you need without the hassle,


Enrollment Fee One time non-refundable enrollment fee for new patient accounts, individual or family plan: $75.00 The monthly periodic fee

Hours & Location

Taking new Patients Beginning February 5, 2018   Office hours: Monday: 8am –12pm Wednesday: 12pm–4pm Friday: 8am –12pm   Other hours


Moorsbridge Family Health is a division of Betten Integrative Medicine, Karen L. Betten MD, PLLC.

Moorsbridge Family Health is dedicated to providing cost effective, patient centered Primary Healthcare.

At Moorsbridge Family Health, we believe:

  • A healthy family is a happy family.
  • Good health is achieved with a balance of education, prevention and treatment.
  • Good healthcare is a partnership between you and your healthcare provider.
  • Building a trusting relationship requires time and open communication.

At Moorsbridge Family Health, we offer:

  • Extended appointments to get to know you.
  • Same day, or next day appointments (for established patients).
  • Access to your healthcare provider by phone or email 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • Reduced cost for routine visits and discounted lab testing.

Moorsbridge Family Health follows the Direct Primary Care Practice Model (DPC) which has demonstrated high rates of patient satisfaction and improved medical and wellness outcomes through increased patient access and communication. Direct Primary care is designed to enhance provider- patient relationships, increase face to face time with patients, empower patients with confidence that they can take responsibility for their health and reduce overall cost of healthcare.